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My name is Brendan Erquiaga, I am a Game Developer living in Phoenix Arizona. I like to think of myself as a game designer who contributes more than ideas; most of this contribution comes in the form of programming. This of course is my personal website where I try and show off my projects; I taught myself HTML and CSS just to make it! (Okay, maybe the internet helped.)

After 4 years of development, I consider myself an expert in the Unity 3D engine. Whenever I am on a project I stay involved in every phase of Unity development; Object Management, Asset Importing, Scene Structure, Animations, Efficiency Testing, Builds and of course Coding.

Design has always been my main focus but at the end of the day I program because I want to make cool things happen, not just think about them. As I move forward I am always attempting new design challenges and pushing myself to work in new formats or platforms. If I am not trying something new, I get irritated and bored; what I’m telling you is I need excitement!

It is my goal to go where I’ve never gone, to adventure into the unknown and of course, to slay as many noobs as possible along the way.


current location
phoenix, az

current employment
freelancer for hire

current hobbies
  • magic the gathering
  • writing
  • rock climbing
  • brewing beer